To upload your material each week:


1. Log into the wiki.

2. Click on the appropriate link below.

3. Click "Edit Page" at the top of the resulting page.

4. Highlight and "copy" all the material from your original file.

5. Toggle back to the wiki window and "paste" all the material.

6. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.


That's it!


Round One

Week One, Lloyd

Week Two, Code

Week Three, Anderson

Week Four, Young

Week Five, Alcoff

Week Six, McWhorter


Round Two

Second Read, Lloyd

Second Read, Code

Second Read, Anderson

Second Read, Young

Second Read, Alcoff

Second Read, McWhorter


If you've never used a wiki before, here are some basics that I provide to my undergraduates:

All About Wikis: What they are

Wikis, 101: Basics of using this wiki

Wiki Formatting: How to use the editor

Sandbox: A place to play and try out things without making changes to a page